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Banana Lemon Custard Pots

Christmas, Christmas time is here, time for joy and time for cheer. Oh sorry, you caught me practising for an upcoming karaoke session. Never mind me, this never happened. Oh look, is that custard above!? Yes, Christmas is coming up and my holiday baking has been through the roof, both annoying and delighting the other… Continue reading Banana Lemon Custard Pots

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Low Calorie Strawberry Lemonade ‘Cheesecake’

So, with the arrival of Pokemon Go recently, I have been catching Pokemon left, right and centre all day and while it is very fun, I figured I’d take a break from Pokemon to bring you all one of a few cheesecake recipes I will be posting shortly. It all started when I realised that… Continue reading Low Calorie Strawberry Lemonade ‘Cheesecake’

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British style Strawberry Rye Scones with Lemon Honey Glaze

Just recently I discovered that there was a difference between scones in America and scones from Britain. Being English, scones were pretty common when I went back to the UK and without fail, scones were at every tea shop and most pubs as well. American scones tend to be denser, more like a cake and… Continue reading British style Strawberry Rye Scones with Lemon Honey Glaze