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Gingerbread Breadcrumb Loaf

Today’s recipe is a gingerbread breadcrumb loaf cake. Full of gingery goodness, it’s moist, soft and a perfect snack. Another French bread loaf left to go stale and boredom was how this recipe came about. Sitting at home, I had the urge to cook and I felt like feeding my breadcrumb obsession. So cake was made… Continue reading Gingerbread Breadcrumb Loaf


Frugal Recipes: Mini Breadcrumb Fruit Cake

Creating healthy food is one of my passions, but so is using up leftovers in my cooking, as I hate wasting food.  This one was inspired by a recipe on of Breadcrumb Carrot Cake after I realised how much bread we throw away, along with trying to find other uses aside from constantly making bread pudding.… Continue reading Frugal Recipes: Mini Breadcrumb Fruit Cake