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Low Calorie Sponge Cake and Jam

I’ve never been a huge fan of cakes, but after seeing the Genoise sponge cake on the Great British Bake Off, I’ve been more open-minded towards them.

Close Up Sponge Cake with Jam.JPG

All they reminded me of was stale store-bought birthday cakes that needed spoonfuls of ice cream or custard to make them less dry.


Fortunately even without jam, this cake is everything but dry.

I’m more of a brownie or goeey cookie kind of girl and my favourite cake has to be a good cheesecake.

Having said that, after making this recipe, I’ve realised that sponge cakes can actually be really good.

Sponge Cake on Spoon.JPG

Especially when topped with low sugar strawberry jam and icing sugar. And 98 calories for 1/6 of the cake, including the jam and icing sugar.

I adapted this from the original recipe Light Sponge Cake from Usually, I’m wary of recipes without pictures, but after seeing a raving review for this recipe on one of the CalorieCount forums, I decided to try and make it. For only 100 calories per slice, what was the harm in trying?

I mean, it’s still cake right?


Whipped up cake batter ready for the oven!

I’m very glad I tried. The only fat in this recipe is from the egg yolks, but it has a slight buttery taste from the addition of vanilla extract and it is mildly sweet. It bakes up in less than 25 minutes and is perfect slathered with jam and icing sugar. I halved the recipe rather than making a two tier cake to decrease the leftovers, but you can easily double it for a sandwich cake like the original.

I have left the original link below in case you want to use the original recipe. This will be my go to fat-less sponge from now on.

Low Calorie Sponge Cake with Jam .JPG

Low Calorie Sponge Cake with Jam

Adapted slightly from: Calorie Count- Light Sponge Cake

Prep time: 10 minutes

Cook time: 15- 20 minutes

Total time: 35 minutes

Yield: 6 slices

Calories per serving: 95

Fat per serving: 0.8g


  • 30g / 1/4 cup
  • 1/2 tsp
    Baking powder
  • 1/8 tsp
  • 5g / 1 tsp
    Plain flour
  • 1
    Egg, separated
  • 1
    Egg white
  • 50g
    White sugar
  • 1 tsp
    Vanilla extract
  • 2 tbsp
    Sucralose sweetener or stevia
  • 60g / 1/4 cup
    Low sugar strawberry jam
  • 15g
    Icing sugar, for dusting


  1. Preheat the oven to 180°C/ 160°C fan assisted and lightly grease a 8 inch circular cake tin with a loose base.
  2. Whisk together the cornstarch, baking powder and salt and set aside.
  3. Separate the eggs and whisk together the egg whites and sugar until stiff peaks are formed and the sugar has fully dissolved.
  4. Add in the egg yolks, vanilla extract and sweetener and whisk until well combined.
  5. Sift in the cornstarch and fold in until combined.
  6. Scrape the mixture into the pan and spread evenly with a spatula until flat.
  7. Bake for 15-20 minutes until the cake is light brown on top and springs back when lightly touched.
  8. Leave to cool in the pan for roughly 10 minutes before transferring to a cooling rack and leaving to cool completely before topping with whipped cream and jam or a light dusting of icing sugar

Nutritional Information

Makes 6 servings
Serving size: 1 slice (1/6 of recipe)

Calories: 95
Fat: 0.8g
Saturated fat: 0.3g
Carbs: 15.8g
Fibre: 0g
Sugar: 10.g
Protein: 1.7g

Recipe Notes

Feel free to double the cake ingredients to make a two tier cake by baking in two 8 inch cake tins and then serving with a layer of jam in between and icing sugar on top.


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